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Breeding is a mechanic in Palworld. Through breeding you can get various passive skills or Subspecies Pals.

To breed Pals together you will need a Breeding Farm. Once you place the Breeding Farm you must assign a male and female Pal. The Breeding Farm also needs to be supplied with Cake. After some time they will produce a Pal Egg which can then be incubated.

There are over 18,797 breeding pair combinations, and we simply cannot list them all!

How Breeding Works

The way breeding works is rather simple. Each Pal has a hidden breeding power number between 10 and 1500. The lower the number the more rare or powerful the Pal is.

The game will then pick the Pal with the closest power to that average. As an example, if the baby Power ends up being 1015, and the closest values are 1010 (Felbat menu Felbat) and 1020 (Robinquill menu Robinquill), the baby will be Robinquill menu Robinquill. The 'tie breaker' (since 1015 is equal distance between 1010 and 1020) just comes down to the which Pal comes first in the game file's index. In this case Robinquill menu Robinquill comes first in the game files so it gets picked over Felbat menu Felbat.

The way this works means you can never breed a Pal stronger/rarer than your strongest/rarest parent. For example, if your starting parents have a power of 570 (Anubis menu Anubis) and 1460 (Cattiva menu Cattiva) the result will be the following: (570 + 1460) / 2 = 1015 (Robinquill menu Robinquill). If you then bred that baby at 1015 with your starting 570 Anubis menu Anubis: (570 + 1015) / 2 = 792.5 (which is closest to Arsox menu Arsox at 795).

If you continue this multiple times:

  • (570 + 795) / 2 = 682.5 (Univolt menu Univolt at 680)
  • (570 + 680) / 2 = 625 (Bushi menu Bushi at 625)
  • (570 + 625) / 2 = 597.5 (Incineram menu Incineram at 605)

As you can see you can get closer and closer to your 570 Anubis menu Anubis but you can never breed something stronger/rarer. But this also shows you can take one strong/rare Pal and breed it with its offspring and quickly start making Pals near that strength.

Gender Ratios

Most Pals have a gender ratio of 1:1 Male to Female. These are the outliers.

No. Pal Male Ratio
89 Kingpaca menu Kingpaca 90%
89 Kingpaca Cryst menu Kingpaca Cryst 90%
92 Warsect menu Warsect 85%
92B Warsect Terra menu Warsect Terra 85%
124 Mimog menu Mimog 80%
120 Knocklem menu Knocklem 70%
116 Shroomer menu Shroomer 55%
69 Lovander menu Lovander 30%
104 Lyleen menu Lyleen 30%
104 Lyleen Noct menu Lyleen Noct 30%
115 Lullu menu Lullu 30%
62 Dazzi menu Dazzi 20%
29 Mozzarina menu Mozzarina 20%
113 Selyne menu Selyne 20%
51 Elizabee menu Elizabee 10%
50 Beegarde menu Beegarde 10%
112 Bellanoir menu Bellanoir 5%
112B Bellanoir Libero menu Bellanoir Libero 5%

List of Special Combinations

Below are the special combinations that do not use the breeding power method to determine the result.

All combinations have been repeatedly tested to ensure results.

This can be seen in this chart.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Relaxaurus menu Relaxaurus Sparkit menu Sparkit Relaxaurus Lux menu Relaxaurus Lux
Arsox menu Arsox Broncherry menu Broncherry Kitsun menu Kitsun
Direhowl menu Direhowl Gumoss menu Gumoss Maraith menu Maraith
Jormuntide menu Jormuntide Shadowbeak menu Shadowbeak Helzephyr menu Helzephyr
Helzephyr menu Helzephyr Shadowbeak menu Shadowbeak Cryolinx menu Cryolinx
Suzaku menu Suzaku Relaxaurus menu Relaxaurus Astegon menu Astegon
Penking menu Penking Bushi menu Bushi Anubis menu Anubis
Incineram menu Incineram Maraith menu Maraith Incineram Noct menu Incineram Noct
Mau menu Mau Pengullet menu Pengullet Mau Cryst menu Mau Cryst
Vanwyrm menu Vanwyrm Foxcicle menu Foxcicle Vanwyrm Cryst menu Vanwyrm Cryst
Eikthyrdeer menu Eikthyrdeer Hangyu menu Hangyu Eikthyrdeer Terra menu Eikthyrdeer Terra
Elphidran menu Elphidran Surfent menu Surfent Elphidran Aqua menu Elphidran Aqua
Pyrin menu Pyrin Katress menu Katress Pyrin Noct menu Pyrin Noct
Mammorest menu Mammorest Wumpo menu Wumpo Mammorest Cryst menu Mammorest Cryst
Mossanda menu Mossanda Grizzbolt menu Grizzbolt Mossanda Lux menu Mossanda Lux
Dinossom menu Dinossom Rayhound menu Rayhound Dinossom Lux menu Dinossom Lux
Jolthog menu Jolthog Pengullet menu Pengullet Jolthog Cryst menu Jolthog Cryst
Frostallion menu Frostallion Helzephyr menu Helzephyr Frostallion Noct menu Frostallion Noct
Kingpaca menu Kingpaca Reindrix menu Reindrix Kingpaca Cryst menu Kingpaca Cryst
Lyleen menu Lyleen Menasting menu Menasting Lyleen Noct menu Lyleen Noct
Leezpunk menu Leezpunk Flambelle menu Flambelle Leezpunk Ignis menu Leezpunk Ignis
Blazehowl menu Blazehowl Felbat menu Felbat Blazehowl Noct menu Blazehowl Noct
Robinquill menu Robinquill Fuddler menu Fuddler Robinquill Terra menu Robinquill Terra
Broncherry menu Broncherry Fuack menu Fuack Broncherry Aqua menu Broncherry Aqua
Surfent menu Surfent Dumud menu Dumud Surfent Terra menu Surfent Terra
Gobfin menu Gobfin Rooby menu Rooby Gobfin Ignis menu Gobfin Ignis
Suzaku menu Suzaku Jormuntide menu Jormuntide Suzaku Aqua menu Suzaku Aqua
Reptyro menu Reptyro Foxcicle menu Foxcicle Reptyro Cryst menu Reptyro Cryst
Hangyu menu Hangyu Swee menu Swee Hangyu Cryst menu Hangyu Cryst
Mossanda menu Mossanda Petallia menu Petallia Lyleen menu Lyleen
Vanwyrm menu Vanwyrm Anubis menu Anubis Faleris menu Faleris
Mossanda menu Mossanda Rayhound menu Rayhound Grizzbolt menu Grizzbolt
Grizzbolt menu Grizzbolt Relaxaurus menu Relaxaurus Orserk menu Orserk
Kitsun menu Kitsun Astegon menu Astegon Shadowbeak menu Shadowbeak
Blazehowl menu Blazehowl Jormuntide menu Jormuntide Jormuntide Ignis menu Jormuntide Ignis
Katress menu Katress Wixen menu Wixen Wixen Noct menu Wixen Noct
Wixen menu Wixen Katress menu Katress Katress Ignis menu Katress Ignis
Gorirat menu Gorirat Kikit menu Kikit Gorirat Terra menu Gorirat Terra
Chillet menu Chillet Arsox menu Arsox Chillet Ignis menu Chillet Ignis
Quivern menu Quivern Lullu menu Lullu Quivern Botan menu Quivern Botan
Helzephyr menu Helzephyr Beakon menu Beakon Helzephyr Lux menu Helzephyr Lux
Bushi menu Bushi Sootseer menu Sootseer Bushi Noct menu Bushi Noct
Menasting menu Menasting Knocklem menu Knocklem Menasting Terra menu Menasting Terra
  • Note: Katress/Wixen results is dependant on the genders of the parents. Female Wixen gives Wixen Noct and Female Katress gives Katress Ignis.

Additionally, 12 other Pals can only be born from two parents of the same species:

No. Pal Element(s)
Chikipi menu
Chikipi Neutral icon Neutral
Warsect Terra menu
Warsect Terra Ground icon Ground
Blazamut Ryu menu
Blazamut Ryu Dragon icon Dragon Fire icon Fire
Paladius menu
Paladius Neutral icon Neutral
Necromus menu
Necromus Dark icon Dark
Frostallion menu
Frostallion Ice icon Ice
Jetragon menu
Jetragon Dragon icon Dragon
Bellanoir Libero menu
Bellanoir Libero Dark icon Dark
Selyne menu
Selyne Dark icon Dark Neutral icon Neutral
Mimog menu
Mimog Neutral icon Neutral
Xenovader menu
Xenovader Dark icon Dark
Xenogard menu
Xenogard Dragon icon Dragon

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