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Lyleen Noct (Japanese: ルナクイン Lunaqueen) is the Dark icon Dark element variation of Lyleen.


Lyleen Noct's appearance is similar to Lyleen's but with a different coloration. It has pale blue leafy hair adorned with teal hibiscus flowers. Its body is white with a gold-accented midsection and a golden collar. The innermost layer of the skirt is pale blue, large dark blue petals form the middle layer, with the top layer of the skirt having various gold-tipped blue leaves.

Paldeck Entry[]

Lyleen Noct menu Lyleen Noct
An elegant Pal full of grace. It admonishes any who are disrespectful with a painful slap. Some Pals actively seek out this punishment.


Lyleen Noct can only be encountered as an Alpha Pal inside Iceberg cave (-138, 319) in the Land of Absolute Zero, acting non-hostile until the player is within Line-Of-Sight, at which point she is hyper aggressive. (Lyleen is often facing the back of the cave on spawn, will not see player first enter the cavern)


Partner Skill:

  • Goddess of the Tranquil Light - When activated, the queen's soothing graces greatly restore the player's HP.

Work Suitability:

Possible Drops:

Active Skills[]

This Pal automatically learns the following skills when they reach the requisite level:
Lv 1 Dark icon mini Dark Ball CT: 4s Power: 40
Unleashes a sphere of darkness that slowly tracks down the enemy.
Lv 7 Ice icon mini Icicle Cutter CT: 10s Power: 55
Creates a crescent blade of ice and hurls it forward.
Lv 15 Dark icon mini Shadow Burst CT: 10s Power: 55
Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it.
Lv 22 Ice icon mini Cryst Breath CT: 22s Power: 90
Enshrouds an enemy in a frigid blast of air, dealing continuous damage.
Lv 30 Dark icon mini Nightmare Ball CT: 30s Power: 100
Creates a giant ball of darkness and hurls it at an enemy.
Lv 40 Ice icon mini Blizzard Spike CT: 45s Power: 130
Creates a giant lump of ice and hurls it at an enemy. It deals damage to those in the surrounding area upon impact.
Lv 50 Dark icon mini Dark Laser CT: 55s Power: 150
Charges dark energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.




  • At minimum health, a Legendary Sphere has a Lyleen Noct base Catch rate of 7%. This number First Rolls at 20% with Max player level and Max Effigies achieved.