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Palbox is a structure in Palworld.


It's a tier 2 technology item and requires 1 point to unlock.


When placed it provides you with a Base. This Base serves as a fast travel point, a respawn point, and a place you can have Pals work. You can do missions to upgrade the Base Level. For every level it's upgraded you will unlock an extra Working Pal slot. At level 10 you are allowed to place another Base. Additionally at level 15 you are permitted a 3rd base.

The Palbox has a large cube hitbox around it to prevent objects being placed/built within it as this is where one spawns when fast traveling/spawning in at the base. Note this box also extends up as well, so trying to build over it typically requires a large clearance space.

When placed, a large, circular outline can be seen to denote the range of the Palbox's influence. This outline is visible even before building the palbox, making it helpful to see if it needs to be moved or not first.

Palbox Management Menu[]

Caught Pals will end up in this menu. New Pals are put into the first available slot. This list can be sorted in the top right corner. This list can be seen in all Palboxes in the world. Hovering over a Pal and clicking 'F' will show more information about the Pal, such as Work Suitability, health, Sanity, Skills, and Partner Skills (and their required gear). You can also change a Pal's name here.

Right-clicking a pal will move it to one of the Palbox's active slots. A Pal can only work at one Palbox at a time. The Pal will spawn in the hitbox behind the Palbox. Once it is in a Palbox's active slot, it will no longer be visible in the Pal list in other Palboxes.

When Pals run out of health, they will need to be revived in the Palbox. This can be done simply by placing them into this menu. There will be a timer of 10 minutes counting down until they have been revived. Pals can also be healed by placing them here. Pals won't go hungry too, but their hunger won't be replenished either.

The Base[]

Pals in active slots will begin to fill out tasks around the Palbox. They can work at buildings that are within range of the Palbox.

If you look at a pal in your base, you can lift them up by pressing 'V'. While carrying a pal, you can throw them back down using 'V'. If the pal is thrown at a structure and matches its work suitability (eg. Throwing a Pal with Kindling at a Campfire), it will be bound to this structure and only focus on this task (except when eating or sleeping).

Looking at a pal in your base, you can also press '4' to open a radial menu to see more details about this Pal. Here, you can feed or pet the pal, view more details about them, add them to your party, or return them to the Box (Palbox Management Menu).

Upgrading the base[]

Upgrading your base can make it so that you can have more bases and more pals working. Note these values are based on default/normal game settings and can be altered via the world settings.

Level Objectives Working Pals Max Bases
1 Build Chest & Deploy a Pal. 1 1
2 Build a Primitive Workbench & Build a Shoddy Bed. 2 1
3 Build a Feed box & Build a Straw Pal Bed. 3 1
4 Build a Campfire & Build a berry Plantation & Deploy 4 Pals. 4 1
5 Build a Pal Gear Workbench & Statue of Power. 5 1
6 Build a Logging Site & Build a Stone Pit & Build a Crusher. 6 1
7 Build a Hot spring & Build a Primitive Furnace & Build a Second Berry Plantation. 7 1
8 Build a High Quality work bench & Build a Medieval Medicine Workbench. 8 1
9 Build a Cooler Box & Build a Sphere Workbench. 9 1
10 Build a Wheat Plantation & Build a Cooking Pot & Build a Mill. 10 2
11 Build a Weapon Workbench. 11 2
12 Build 2 Fluffy Pal Beds & Deploy 12 Pals. 12 2
13 Build a Sphere Assembly Line & Build a Power Generator. 13 2
14 Build a Weapon assembly Line & Build a High quality Hot Spring. 14 2
15 Build an Improved Furnace 15 3
16 Build 2 Large Pal Beds 16 3
17 Build a Refined Metal Chest 17 3
18 Build a Production Assembly Line II 18 3
19 Build an Electric Furnace 19 3
20 Maxed Level 20 3


  • Raids occur around the Palbox.
  • Pals can be commanded to target enemies in the base (using Alarm Bell).
  • Pals likely don't work as much when you're away from the base (or have to be loaded in first when the game starts).
  • You can only respawn at palboxes (or specific areas on pre-discovered islands).

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