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Pals are the eponymous creatures of the game Palworld. Pals help the player, willingly or unwillingly, in the farm, breeding, fighting, or working in factories, including gun factories, as shown in the trailer. Pals can also be sold or slaughtered for food; however, said action is forbidden by law.[1]

Interacting with Pals[]

Palworld Petting

A player petting their Foxparks

Pals can be interacted with in multiple ways:

  • Petting: You can pet Pals to make them happy.
  • Feeding: You can feed Pals manually, or they will eat from a Feed Box.
  • Picking up: You can pick up Pals to carry them around or throw them at a building to have them work on it. Once you pick them up, their model ragdolls.
  • Partner Skills: You can use partner skills your Pal has. Some are passive, some are weapons, and most are unlocked through crafting something at the Pal Gear Workbench. There's also Rideable Pals.
  • Naming: At a Pal's summary page, players have the option to give their Pal a name (limited to 24 characters)[2].


You can fight Pals by using weapons and other Pals. Some wild Pals are aggressive and attack when approached.

Some Pals can also wield a weapon of their choice.


You can use Pal Spheres to capture wild Pals. This is recommended, as you get much more XP from capturing rather than killing. You are granted an EXP bonus on each capture for the first 10 times you catch a specific pal. The higher tier of Pal Sphere, the higher the chance of catching a Pal.


The developers have said that killing Pals will be illegal within the world. Most likely, if the player character kills a Pal and is witnessed by an NPC, a bounty will be placed on the player character, who then will be pursued as a criminal. But there are no consequences if the player character manages to kill a Pal without being witnessed.


When Pals breed, the children can inherit the parents' characteristics or create completely new ones. Mixing rare species of Pals creates stronger Pals.

Wilderness Activities[]

Pals can be used in the wilderness for certain activities. They can break rocks, cut down trees, and be used to run/swim/fly around the map.

Base Activities[]

Pals can participate in several activities done on bases, depending on their form and abilities.

Work Traits[]

There are 12 different Work Traits a Pal can have. After placing a building there will be a text indicator above it to let you know what suitability is needed. Some buildings require a specific suitability to work, while others suggest a suitability to make things go faster.


Short for Sanity. Over time, a Pal's SAN decreases while working, which will eventually cause them to not be as productive/slack off. Pals will take breaks by themselves. At night, if a Pal bed is available, most Pals will go to sleep. However, Dark-element Pals will continue to work through the night. Certain things, like Hot Springs or particular medicines and foods, can help get their SAN back up quicker.


Chikipi rescuing a Beegarde

A Chikipi rescuing a Beegarde.

There are also other activities a Pal can do at the base.

  • Mass production: Pals can be put to work in factories to mass-produce gear and items.
  • Breeding: Pals can be assigned to Breeding Farm to breed.
  • Defense: Pals can be used to defend the base from enemy raids.
  • Rescuing: Pals will rescue incapacitated Pals in base.

Pal Variations[]

Besides regular Pals, Alpha Pals, Legendary Pals, and Lucky Pals exist.

Alpha Pals[]

Main article: Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals, also known as bosses, are huge Pal variants with titles. You can capture them.

Lucky Pals[]

Main article: Lucky Pals

Lucky Pals are shining variants of Pals. They are larger variants of a pal and are heard from a decent distance when one spawns in. Usually recognized by a "sparkly" icon next to their name as well. When caught, they will always give you ancient civilization items and will come with the "Lucky" trait, which increases ATK by 15% and Workforce by 15%.

Legendary Pals[]

Main article: Legendary Pals

Legendary pals are an especially rare type of Pal. They are only found as Alpha Pals, and come with the “Legend” trait, which increases ATK and DEF by 20% and Movement Speed by 15%.

Subspecies Pals[]

Main article: Breeding

Some Pals can be created by breeding two specific species together. You can also breed pals the same species to reproduce them or pass down the passive traits to the offspring.


Main article: Paldeck

The Paldeck is an encyclopedia of all the Pals in Palworld. When you first encounter a Pal it is logged in your Pal Deck. It will appear as a greyed-out image of the Pal. You will also be able to view their Habitat range. If you capture a pal it will show up in the Paldeck with full color and list possible drops, their partner skill, work traits, food level, and your capture bonus.

There are currently 137 Pals in Palworld.


Pre-release Pictures[]


  2. This action is currently not available in the Xbox version of the game.