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Petallia (Japanese: フラリーナ Florina) is a Grass icon Grass element Pal.


Petallia appears as a flower-themed humanoid Pal. It is larger than the player, with a white body covered by a long leafy dress with a high-low skirt, and some green boots. It has multiple green leaves as hair, forming something similar to long twin tails, adorned with a pair of pink flowers.

Paldeck Entry[]

Petallia menu Petallia
A pal that transforms into a massive plant when at the end of its life. Once every ten years, a beautiful flower blooms and a new Petallia is born.


Petallia are usually non-hostile, only retaliating when attacked.


Breeding a Celaray and a Univolt will result in a Huge Verdant Egg being dropped, which will always hatch a Petallia.


Partner Skill:

  • Blessing of the Flower Spirit - When activated, restores the characters hp.

Work Suitability:

Possible Drops:

Active Skills[]

This Pal automatically learns the following skills when they reach the requisite level:
Lv 1 Grass icon mini Wind Cutter CT: 2s Power: 30
Fires a high speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy.
Lv 7 Water icon mini Aqua Gun CT: 4s Power: 40
Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.
Lv 15 Grass icon mini Seed Machine Gun CT: 9s Power: 50
Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
Lv 22 Water icon mini Bubble Blast CT: 13s Power: 65
Fires numerous bubbles that slowly pursue an enemy.
Lv 30 Grass icon mini Grass Tornado CT: 18s Power: 80
Generates two tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
Lv 40 Grass icon mini Spine Vine CT: 25s Power: 95
Generates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below.
Lv 50 Grass icon mini Solar Blast CT: 55s Power: 150
Charges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.



  • Its name may come from petal and the suffix -lia.
  • Its Japanese name may come from flower and ballerina.